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  • Luigi teaches first Lightning, Mater and Holley the bases of travel.
  • Then Flo asks for help them on various points: problems of mailbox, hooligans in the city, lack of customers in the V8 Coffee...
  • Chick Hickscauses trouble in the city and challenges the heroes in a race.
  • Luigi announces he has built with the King the circuit of Radiator Springs where the main characters are going to be able to challenge big international runners.
  • A big storm takes place in the city center, and thus the heroes have to repair the damages and gather tractors.
  • Once the painting workshop of Ramone built, it is possible to personalize vehicles. At the same time, Fillmore makes a new fuel by means of the heroes.
  • Whereas the races continue in the circuit of Radiator Springs, Sarge's surplus can be built. Once that is done, Finn McMissile joins the city and inculcates to the heroes the bases of the espionage.
  • In the circuit of Radiator Springs, the hour of the final race has sounded. The fastest cars of the world, as Francesco Bernoulli, were gathered for the occasion. Lightning McQueen wins the race, and Finn McMissile discovers that Chick has tried to sabotage the race.

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