Mr. Gibbs, Disney Infinity [1.0], 2013

General informationEdit

  • Universe: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Play Set: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Edition(s): [1.0] [2.0] [3.0]
  • Voice: Kevin McNally
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male


  • Cast Member:

[1.0]: Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set

[2.0]: Toy Store > Disney Infinity [1.0] > Characters' toys

[3.0]: ?

  • Costume:

[1.0]: /

[2.0]: Toy Store > Toy Box > Toy Box Townspeople

[3.0]: ?


  • Joshamee Gibbs aka Mr. Gibbs is Captain Jack Sparrow's second. He's very serious and would never betray his captain.
  • He wears a blue jacket, a white shirt, used pants, boots and a brown belt.
  • He is grey-haired, he has a grey beard, an impressive chin and thick eyebrows.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set : Mr. Gibbs is imprisoned at first on Buccaneer Bay. After having freed him, he remains permanently on the boat of the Captain, and guides him during his journeys at sea.