Squishy, Disney Infinity [1.0], 2013

General informationEdit

  • Universe: Monsters University
  • Play Set: Monsters University
  • Edition(s): [1.0] [2.0] [3.0]
  • Voice: Peter Sohn
  • Species: Monster
  • Sex: Male


  • Cast Member:

[1.0]: Monsters University Play Set

[2.0]: Toy Store > Disney Infinity [1.0] > Characters' toys

[3.0]: ?

  • Costume:

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  • Scott "Squishy" Squibbles is a five-eyed monster member of the Monsters University and of Oozma Kappa.
  • He's beige and wears a green cap and a pullover.
  • He's the friend of Art, Don Carlton, Terri and Terry Perry, Mike and Sulley. He wants to win the Fear Week.


  • Monsters University Play Set : Squishy is the main distributor of missions of the adventure. It is him who asks Mike and Sulley to kidnap the posters of Fear Tech out of the campus, to remove the toilet paper and to help the students. It is also him who discovers where are held prisoner Terri and Terry Perry. He stands out as the leader of Monsters University during the Fear Week.