General information Edit

  • Edition: Disney Infinity [1.0]
  • Playable characters: Mr Incredible, Infinite Mr Incredible, Mrs Incredible, Violet, Dash, Syndrome
  • Cast Members: Edna Mode, Rick Dicker, Mirage
  • Place(s): Metroville
  • Boss(es): Syndrome
  • Collectibles: Red capsules, green capsules, Hoarder's traps
  • Summury of the story: Syndrome has gathered three super-vilains to destroy once and for all the Incredibles.


  • The Incredibles have captured three super-vilains who get ready to be imprisoned. Unfortunately, Syndrome intervenes and frees the criminals: the Hoarder, Snoring Gloria and Baron Von Ruthless. After sending the Incredibles to flying in a warehouse, Sydrome and his accomplices run away.
  • Then Edna Mode gets in touch with the family Parr and asks her to restore the order in the city center by helping the policemen. After that, she joins the city in helicopter and orders the reconstruction of the bridge leading to the district of the Super-heroes in service.
  • In the headquarters, the Incredibles meet Rick Dicker, one of the senior officials of the Agency of Super-heroes in service, which allows them to imprison the Hoarder.
  • So Snoring Gloria begins to install soporific plants in town. She is afterward captured by the Incredibles.
  • After that, the Incredibles meet Mirage, the former assistant of Syndrome which gives them crucial information about the technology of Syndrome's glove.
  • During this search, Baron Von Ruthless places bombs transforming the citizens into green monsters in every corner of the city. The miserable baron is captured after that and forwarded in SuperMax Prison.
  • Agency of the Super-heroes in service's laboratories discover finally the secret of the technology of Syndrome's glove. After being equipped with it, the Incredibles can now face Syndrome. Syndrome is then beaten and forwarded in SuperMax Prison where he is locked from now on.

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