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  • Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie land on a planet where live Aliens. A big Viskos volcano threatens to erupt, it is thus necessary to stop of.
  • After having activated a protection field around the planet, Rex advises in the first place to help the Aliens.
  • Hamm then goes to explore the mysterious Viskos volcano and asks the heroes for help. The heroes succeed in blocking the volcano by making collapse an enormous stony block: the planet is thus saved and the protection field is not useful any more.
  • Slinky Dog helps then the accomplices to reconstruct the city of the Aliens.
  • Once Center of Fights constructed, Slinky Dog explains to the heroes the various purposes of the latter building.
  • To enrich his intergalactic empire, malefic Zurg becomes huge thanks to Viskos and attacks the planet of the Aliens. By changing the function of the observatory the heroes succeed in restoring a very small size to Zurg, who's furious.

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